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Complete control over your system, accessories, cooling, and lighting.
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Latest SDK Update changed name Ryujin

The last "forced" update changed the display name of CPU temp to something elseWhile i appreciate the fact that i can choose GPU, before i couldn't but now the CPU temp has another weird name.Can you look into this?I was ready to show the CPU temp fe...

Suggestion: Use Windows Profile using Fn Keys

I had a suggestion, that we be allowed to change the Performance profile to Windows mode using Fn Keys itself. At present it allows me to change b/w Silent, Balanced and Turbo. It would be really convenient if such option is added.Device: Asus Tuf FX...

If Armoury Crate doesn't Work install Aura Sync 1.07.84

Hello, Armoury Crate just straight up doesn't work for me and completely ruins my RGB effects, But i found out that if you install the very last version of Aura Sync from Look for the link under ...

Can access to my pheriphelas

Already update to the last version and still can access to my pheripherals (Mouse Rog Chakram and Keyboard Rog Strix Flare) .Keep in loading with a message can't read and can press the confirmation. Also the systray icon of the battery for the mou...