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Basic static effect addressable header sync broken

When exiting an app that has been running a aura profile the basic static effect fails to resync the addressable header and defaults to rainbow. Every other effect and the static effect from aura creator works perfect, it's just this one that seems b...

Asus Armoury Crate Will Not Open

I have a Razer 15 LaptopI picked up Asus ROG Delta S headphones. I am trying to run Armoury Crate, to adjust the headphones settings. Enable Atmos, change equalizer, etc.The app will not run for the life of me. It opens briefly, shows the splash scre...

GTX1060 6gb leds not working

after i did a fresh install of the crate sw, all my leds on my gtx gpu just refuse to light up. as my gskill arent being detected , prolly not supported, they are now constantly lit up. and on top of that creator doesnt detect my gpu. all sw and bios...

No Home Tab

As per the title really, I'm completely baffled as to why this is missing as this is on a clean install of Windows 10 Home too, I would like to be able to monitor the temp of the coolant in the AiO. You can see on the screenshot that everything is sy...

RoG Gladius II Origin not being detected

Hi, once more.I already posted on another thread (the one that everyone is complaining about Armoury Crate) but i don't want to spam that. So i opened this one instead.My problem is plain simple:I had armoury crate working flawlessly since August, up...

Why the forced updates?

This is not a rant, its a genuine question.I'm currently facing a problem where if i don't update, i don't have functionalities, it will ask for a mandatory update.If i DO update i face the problem, the mouse stops being detected and i can't have the...

armoury crate

when you open the armoury crate to the aura sink page a lot of my connected componets us to have a drop down arrow so you could configure each one separetenow its gone whats up wiyh that can these guys at asus ever get there software right

Aura Will not resume after PC sleep

I have googled this problem extensively...I find alot of old posts from 2018 before Armory Crate and no real resolutionsBasically as the title suggests, when the PC is woke up from sleep, I have to open armory crate and enter the aura page before the...

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