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Complete control over your system, accessories, cooling, and lighting.
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Armoury Crate creating "Log Files" in C: Directory

In the last few days, I've noticed that in my C: directory, there are files that are named "_YYYY-MM-DD" (new file everyday) without an extension. Opening the file with notepad, it shows a log with some Armoury Crate components named (e.g. Game Visua...

Armoury Crate AIO Fan control issue

So you want product feedback? Okay.Armoury Crate is trash! This useless pile of garbage code completely ruined my computer by failing to load fan settings with each boot. How many times do you expect the system to shutdown due to overheating before i...

Snaptrap by Level 10
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Z490-P: Can't control LED ?

Hello, I know many people had the same issue but I didn't found any solution.It's my very first heavy computer, so I wasn't very aware that some parts were having controlled LED.The default color of the led seems to be a Orange-ish light that fade bu...

Dodoz by Level 7
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Hot Take ─ Armoury Crate

Okay, so.. real HOT TAKE here─I know─but this software is pure garbage. Not that unrefined garbage you get over at MSI or Gigabyte, but the real deal, dead-rat-in-a-Tupperware-container-full-of-old-Chinese-takeout-at-a-landfill, PURE GARBAGE!! Your s...