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Crate makes my keyboards "7" activate on its own

So I've done a few back and forth tests now and with Create installed the number 7 on my keyboard will randomly start activating, I uninstall Crate and go back to Armoury II and this issue goes away.Anyone else seen this yet ?

Armoury Crate install issue

Greetings, I am hoping you can help me with a problem or direct me to the right place as I am new to the forum.On December 3 I contacted ASUS support for help with an issue where the Armoury Crate installer is not working.On the 5th I received an em...

ARMOURY Crate Issues(newest version)

Hi, i installed ARMOURY CRate service , restart, and then UWP on clean windows 1809. I don;t remember so asking here. Does it always set windows to high performance under balanced mode in armoury crate? If not how to fix it? And after installing armo...

Glement by Level 7
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Armoury Crate doesn't show rgb fans

I have Lian Li BR Digital fans plugged in to the 5v RGB header on my motherboard. The fans light up but only the standard colors and they don't show up in Armoury Crate so I can't change how they look. I have my CPU fan plugged into a 12v header and ...

Select app language manually

Hello,the German language version of Armoury Crate is rubbish (other translated version also probably), I'd like to use the English version instead. However, this cannot be selected like in other ASUS software, e. g. Aura Sync, GPU Tweak II or RAMCac...

Armory Crate - Profile Switch problem

I've been having a problem with the Armory Crate for the past four days.After going idle for a certain amount of time (somewhere around 10 - 30 minutes), instead of switching profiles instantly as soon as I press FN + F5 - instead it switches once an...

MrTDale by Level 7
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Armoury Crate User Guide and Best Practices

Inside the software, there's no link to a user guide but only to an FAQ. In the FAQ site, I have not seen anything about explaining the Home tab. It is my first time using the software and these are the initial things that I would like to be answered...

Armoury Crate problem

Hello everyone,Today I opened the armoury crate app and it performed an update to the ROG STRIX SCOPE keyboard software.Now after the update I have 2 problems which I will send screenshots for. I cant open the keyboard profile anymore I cant change a...