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Complete control over your system, accessories, cooling, and lighting.
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Select app language manually

Hello,the German language version of Armoury Crate is rubbish (other translated version also probably), I'd like to use the English version instead. However, this cannot be selected like in other ASUS software, e. g. Aura Sync, GPU Tweak II or RAMCac...

Armory Crate - Profile Switch problem

I've been having a problem with the Armory Crate for the past four days.After going idle for a certain amount of time (somewhere around 10 - 30 minutes), instead of switching profiles instantly as soon as I press FN + F5 - instead it switches once an...

MrTDale by Level 7
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Armoury Crate User Guide and Best Practices

Inside the software, there's no link to a user guide but only to an FAQ. In the FAQ site, I have not seen anything about explaining the Home tab. It is my first time using the software and these are the initial things that I would like to be answered...

Armoury Crate problem

Hello everyone,Today I opened the armoury crate app and it performed an update to the ROG STRIX SCOPE keyboard software.Now after the update I have 2 problems which I will send screenshots for. I cant open the keyboard profile anymore I cant change a...

Armoury Scenario Profiles

Hi,i have a problem with profile switching. I created a special scenario profile for my games to play them properly with turbo mode. It enables the turbo mode np,but when im done gaming,when im back to my desktop it still works in turbo mode and does...

Print Key wont work

Asus, the "Print" Key does not work for remapping a mouse button.On the old ROG Armoury Crate it works fine.

zocker by Level 9
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Strix 3080 Rainbow effect broken

Almsot all effects availible on amoury crate default to colour cycle. There is no way for me to choose multiple colours excpet for unpluging my psu for a while and starting up again (so that the card resets and uses the default effect)Is there a know...

Aura Creator does not recognize my keyboard.

Hello community, recently I bought an Asus Rog Zephyrus G model: GU502DU. I thought that I would be able to change my keyboard colors and make some other customizations using Aura creator or the most updated armory crate. Both software do not recogni...

fxPlus by Level 7
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