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Why the forced updates?

This is not a rant, its a genuine question.I'm currently facing a problem where if i don't update, i don't have functionalities, it will ask for a mandatory update.If i DO update i face the problem, the mouse stops being detected and i can't have the...

armoury crate

when you open the armoury crate to the aura sink page a lot of my connected componets us to have a drop down arrow so you could configure each one separetenow its gone whats up wiyh that can these guys at asus ever get there software right

Aura Will not resume after PC sleep

I have googled this problem extensively...I find alot of old posts from 2018 before Armory Crate and no real resolutionsBasically as the title suggests, when the PC is woke up from sleep, I have to open armory crate and enter the aura page before the...

deanot_ by Level 7
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Device Tab Won't Load

Hi,I've been using the X570 E for about 2 weeks now and having some issues in Armory Crate (V3.3.7.0)All the tabs seem to work except for the first one, ie the Device tab.I click on it and it shows the motherboardI click on that, it kind of loads for...

Static mode.

I installed the latest version of Armory Crate, and as in the previous one, I still have the same problem. I choose a color for "Static", and after shutting down the PC, it does not assume as "Static", stays in "Rainbow". Any corrections to this or c...

Remove Armoury Crate Popups

Every time I tab from a game and then tab back, a "pop up" saying "Turbo" appears on screen. Is it possible to avoid this little panel appearing?? Any way to disable it?Thank u guys!

Armoury Crate is not showing GPU fan options

I have seen in pictures that there should be an 'i' shaped option on the left hand menu list that you can select to do custom fan profiles ect but i do not have it.All drivers ect are up to date, so does anyone know what the problem is?

Rog Spatha not syncing rgb trough wireless conection

Hi my name is Dejan,im having an issue with rog spatha mice,since crate update i cant get my mice to sync with other peripherials,motherboard,ram,gpu,etc...when i connect it with cable it works all fine,but not when its on wireless mode...i have new ...

Dejan4U by Level 7
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