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Latest models supporting Armoury Crate Gear

New models supporting Armoury Crate Gear: ROG Azoth (WinOS): Download linkROG Carnyx: Download linkROG Keris II Ace: Download linkROG Cetra True Wireless Speednova: Download link   Models already compatible with Armoury Crate Gear: Windows OSROG Stri...

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MasterC by Community Admin
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Hey guys I rencently install Armoury crate, and when im using my pc and it crash into a weird way, like all of my stuff that can be used are just charging like the cpu doesnt want to do it. Even launching the terminal or the task manager and sometime...

Armoury Crate/AURA SYNC issues ASUS TUF 7900 XTX

I'm new to ASUS products. I have no shortage of issues that mainly stem from Armoury Crate. I really wish ASUS would either make separate downloadable modules and stop pushing Armoury crate to people that don't want it or make the software function p...

Memory Coresair Vengance RGB + Aura Sync

Guys, I have all my setup with TUF Gaming (Motherboard, GPU and Water Cooler) all this devices stay updated and sincronized with Aura Creator, but my pair of Corsair Memory Vengance doesn't work with aura creatorI Have iCue installed and all the plug...

My issue with the newest version of Armoury Crate

to begin with i'm having an issue with the fans going rapidly fast while opening even the slightest programs even without having the GPU on and being on eco mode, they just go on. i think it has to do with the newest update cause i encountered it aft...

Gyro113 by Level 8
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Resolved! Aura Wallpaper

With the latest update, my aura wallpaper stopped working. On the Armoury Crate app, the aura wallpaper section faces bugs and non-responsiveness. Please solve the bugs and give a new update as soon as possible.

Aswanth by Level 8
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Need a Basic Understanding of Aura Sync Product Compatibility

Have a new build (w790e sage mb) in a Coolermaster Haf 700 case.  Can't say for sure if the four included fans are Aura but, they are ARGB Gen 2.  I have five other CM fans that are Aura compatible.  However, the only thing that the Aura software con...

m_crazy by Level 8
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LiveDash sceen on PG32UQX no longer displays any info

Hey guys! Just wondering if there's anyone else with a PG32UQX who hasn't been able to get the LIvedash info (or anything) to display anymore on the small screen on the bezel. Also when you try to access the function through Armoury Crate it just han...