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RoG Spatha X + Armoury Crate

Hi,I try to configure profiles for my new gaming mouse and I have no idea how everything of these works! Can someone give me a link or something like that to learn how it work? Just armoury crate for RoG Spatha X because for now this only what I have...

ZuyHanS by Level 7
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Not able to access Featured>Content Platform

I am having an issue with accessing the Aura Wallpaper in Content Platform. Although I am logged in it keeps prompting me to login.I have recorded a short gif of what is happening. anyone can ...

Sramic by Level 7
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Armoury Crate shows wrong CPU speed

Hi,I noticed that my Armoury crate shows only 1/10th of the CPU speed - so in idele my i9 on a ASUS Z590-F runs at ~ 150MHz while the task manager shows 1.5GHz - this also applies to full load - as the frequency increases, the ratio is always around ...

beejayf by Level 7
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Armory crate. Custom PC. Win 11 fr Aura Wallpaper

Hi all, same as many users, AC freezes when activating Aura Wallpaper. While waiting for updates, was wondering how it works on other peple system. Does it bypass or replace windows 11 wallpaper ? Is it using NVIDIA / AMD tech meaning it wont work on...

seblf by Level 7
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Armory Crate ROG Delta C

After the update my Rog Delta does not save setting profile even it was renamed or created the new one. All sliders that i configurated always reset to default. It happens every time after i close and open Armoury Crate or PC restart.Item ...

Al3xG by Level 9
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ROG Throne soundcard not recognized anymore.

Since updating Armoury Crate to version, the soundcard in my ROG Throne is no longer detected.The Throne does show up in the Aura Sync tab together with all my other Aura Sync devices, and the LED's still work and even sync. No problem there...

Gelmir by Level 7
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Armoury Crate - GA503QS

Hi all,So, today I saw an update notification for Armoury Crate and other services and let it update. Now the theme looks like absolute crap, I much preferred the older "simpler" one. Is this a known bug? As changing themes seem to not do much? Apart...

Sptz87 by Level 7
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