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Complete control over your system, accessories, cooling, and lighting.
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Z490-P: Can't control LED ?

Hello, I know many people had the same issue but I didn't found any solution.It's my very first heavy computer, so I wasn't very aware that some parts were having controlled LED.The default color of the led seems to be a Orange-ish light that fade bu...

Dodoz by Level 7
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Hot Take ─ Armoury Crate

Okay, so.. real HOT TAKE here─I know─but this software is pure garbage. Not that unrefined garbage you get over at MSI or Gigabyte, but the real deal, dead-rat-in-a-Tupperware-container-full-of-old-Chinese-takeout-at-a-landfill, PURE GARBAGE!! Your s...

Led on the motherboard is no longer in rainbow mode.

Hello, I have a problem with the LED on my motherboard, the rainbow mode no longer works with the computer on, only when it is in standby mode, now it has a steady red light. I installed the Armory Crate lighting control program to make a change, but...

Can't uninstall Armoury Crate any more

After the update, AC no longer recognizes my monitor (XG27UG), doesn't work with Claymore II either. Cannot update anything in Update Center. So I tried uninstalling it with the latest uninstall tool, always running into errors. Retries did nothing, ...

ASUS Motherboard

There is a program called ASUS Motherboard that I believe came with the Armoury installation. However, I had some issues with Armoury initially and uninstalled everything related to Armoury using IOBit Uninstaller. My 2nd attempt at installing Armour...