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CPU Core configuration option not visible

Basically I was tinkering about with the E-cores and left them at 2 out of 8 enabled for a couple days, saw minimal improvement in CPU dependent processes like RPCS3(there was a considerable temp drop though). After that time period I decided to swit...

twfr14 by Level 7
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Armoury Crate only working with administrator accounts

Why does Armoury Crate require admin user to be logged in?For security purposes I always use a regular Windows user account as my daily driver. When I try to use Armoury Crate with that user and access my ROG Falchion keyboard's settings, it doesn't ...

jaydude by Level 8
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LightingService.exe Causing Stuttering!

Hello, I have been dealing with stuttering in almost every game since I purchased my ASUS ROG Strix RTX 4090 OC. I originally thought the issue was a CPU bottleneck as I had an i9 9900k paired with this GPU, this caused me to purchase a new motherboa...

armory crate safe to use with anti cheats?

hey so has this problem been resolved now, apparently the ricochet CODS anti cheat, and easy anti cheat has been conflicting with armory crate, has this been fixed? also can using armory crate get you a VAC banned also?  i have a ROG ally.  

adyojon by Level 7
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ROG Ryujinn II 360mm AIO

So I have a ROG Ryujin II 360mm AIO or had I should say, I got the Ryujinn III and I decided to give my Ryujinn II to my friend. He just got an i9-13900k and z790 maximus hero board, For some reason no matter what we do my old gif I had on the Ryujin...

pc running slow after armoury crate update

hi yesterday i did an armoury crate update called "model identifier" and suddenly my pc started to work slower and lag badly in games. i'll really appreciate the help! my pc specs: asus tuf rtx 3080  i9 10850k  kingston renegade 32 ram ddr4 asus tuf ...