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Armoury crate error 504 [serious problem] i will cry

Hello Asus support i have issue showing this when i want to install armory crate on motherboard ROG MAXIMUS X FORMULAArmoury crate error 504can someone help me because i need it to modify my asus theta 7.1 headset surround soundNote : I have connecti...

Prerequisite Update - Unable to access 360 in Armoury crate

Hi,The recent update to AC has resulted in loss of control over the 360 options with AC, the new addition of the dashboard does not work either, or intermiitently works and i say that on the basis of multiple installs/Uninstalls, some times it works ...

FopaUK by Level 7
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Too long shutdown time at windows11

Hello, When I turn off the PC, the shutdown time is very long, like 30 seconds. (Normally, it would turn off in 7-8 seconds with samsung 980 pro nvme ssd and win11). A warning came to the screen a few times. It's because a firmware in the Armory cr...

AURA: RAM DIMMS (TEAMFORCE ARGB) are not bright enough

HI all, I have a curious issue and i will reach out to ASUS official just in case.i made an RGB build based on ASUS AURA SYNC..i believe it is a MOTHERBOARD issue and not specific to armoury crateThe ram is from TEAMFORCE XTREEM ARGBhttps://www.teamg...

ROG Strix B450 F issue with Armory crate

Hello,I am currently a processor of a ROG strix B450f motherboard and I would like to know if it is possible to manage the motherboard fans with Armory crate, at the moment I am using AI suite 3 and I would like to use armory card for bring all the f...

ROG Strix Flare keybind problems with Armoury Create

I've been a Rog strix flare user for 6 months, some keys stopped working after I updated Armory Create. (Num 8 refreshes the page, shift + 2 moves to the top line, the delete key is deactivated, the R key does the ctrl + a command) But when I delete ...

Couleur de ram qui change a chaque boot du pc

Hi, I come to you because I have a new pc with RGB ram but the problem with armory crate is that the color of the rams does not want to be saved in the application and suddenly I always have to do the same manipulation when my pc boot to get the righ...

Chizuna by Level 7
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Armoury crate not detecting monitor

Hi, I just bought the strix xg32vc monitor and can't seem to get the aura sync feature to work. I connected the usb cable that came with it as I'm sure the lighting data doesn't travel through the display port. The RGB function works so i know the li...

Suggestion for "Battery Info"

One of the recent new features that came with Armoury Crate is the ACPowerNotification in the Taskbar corner. I like the nice concept and for once everything related to Armoury Crate is working okay and updates haven't been corrupting anything. Altho...