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Why my second display in my laptop ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 SE always glitch ?

ARMOURYCRATE Crashes on Windows 11

Hi everyone. I've bought a TUF gaming keyboard and a KERIS mouse.I wanted to use Armoury Crate. But it crashes while it's opening. I just see a splash screen then it closes.I don't use any foreign system language. I'm using the English language on my...

How do you access Armoury Crate to your mobile?

Hi,My armoury crate app has no mobile icon at the top left, so generating a QR code is not possible.The other option according Asus's website is to login on the PC/Laptop and mobile, but if you look at the app I downloaded, the button to login is ina...

Smiggy by Level 10
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Armoury Crate can't see my devices

After last update Amoury Crate can't see my devices, reset, reinstall and a tons of restart, had no problems before update.1. The device page isn't loading within 0.3 seconds = Nope2. PC, custom build = Nope3. Aura Sync products - Ruyjin, Asus Strix ...

Armoury Crate needs "select effect" function

Add the same setting to aura control in Armoury Crate and have it work in conjunction with Aura lighting control. To get my lighting effects to work across Razer/Asus and ThermalTake devices I cannot have Armoury Crate installed, it causes conflicts.

tac216 by Level 7
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RAM LEDs turn red when GPU is detected in Crate

Like title says, anytime Crate detects my GPU (EVGA RTX 2070 XC Ultra) RAM turns red in Windows (can easily be changed back to my profile's blue by going under Aura Effects). This has been an ongoing issue for many versions of Aura Crate, and I thoug...