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What is P508PowerAgent.exe

I started up my ASUS ROG G531GD laptop. and this "P508PowerAgent.exe" application was on my taskbar. Is any problem with my power supply. I run diagnostic in MyAsus App. The result is shown in above image.

Armoury Crate GameVisual too bright!

Anyone have same problem?====================================================================================================i have GX502LXS on discrete mode (rtx only) with conditions :- using latest driver gpu,- latest version armoury crateArmoury ...

Problem with loading after clicking on device (Theta 7.1)

I get a loading screen that goes on forever and a message pops up behind the loading wheel and I can't read what it says because it's blurry, and can't click on it because the loading wheel is in front of it. I has a button on it that looks like OK b...

Keyboard Issue

Hello everyone,I have an Asus ROG G703GX desktop replacement laptop.I have had it since 2019, last year I started experiencing an issue with my keyboard, LED backlight, and the ROG logo at the back of the I boot the laptop, neither of these...

MUX switch in Armory Crate

Almost all old games runs on an integrated video card, which lacks many features in the driver settings, for example, forced enable anisotropic filtering, not to mention the fact that some games simply lack the power of the integrated video card.If m...

I need ARMOURY CRATE ( version

I've Asus ROG Strix G512LU, and I need a STABLE version of Armoury Crate for my notebook.Why doesn't Asus have archives with previous versions??? Why should I suffer from the mistakes of your programmers in the latest version?

Shigle by Level 7
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