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Armoury Crate Fix

Hi everyone.I faced, like others on this forum, a huge problem with last update. I tryed many times to reinstall AC, but every time something went wrong and the program crashed again.So I found a solution.First, you have to download software from tho...

_ViCe_ by Level 8
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Armoury Crate is prevent Shutting down/ Restart.

I recently notice that my PC won't shutdown it self if Armoury Crate is installed. The screen goes black, but all the fans and rgb still stay on. If I uninstall the software the problem is gone. Somebody have/had this issue?

customizable hotkeys

I am unable to see when i switch mode from f4 key, even the mode will change from silent to performance or turbo but the screen dose not showing the message that i've changed the mode. all of the customized keys are working but i am not able to see i...

Rishi02 by Level 7
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Can't open the mouse page

I'm using ASUS TUF Gaming M3 mouse. After updating the Armoury Crate i cannot open my mouses page. After loading for so long, it says "We are sorry. There's an error with the device page. The application is going to reload the device page now. (H-200...

Screenshot (12).png
reimner by Level 7
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error 2005!!!

have been in this situation more than a month. i don't know if it's relevant with my newly bought Chakram X mouse, but never recieve this error before plugging it in. and now it just keep loading FOREVER and telling me this error.i have chrome & edge...

josh_yy by Level 8
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Armory crate not detecting ram

I recently purchased aZ590-e and Corsair vengence pro. The ram isnt showing up in aura sync. ive uninstalled crate and did a re scan but not luck. Any ideas?

Armoury Crate- Aura Sync CPU Temp Control

Hello, I picked up the Asus Zephyrus M15 GU502LW-BI7N6 a few months ago and I'm loving it more and more as I adjust it to my likings. I need help. When I go into Armoury crate- Aura Sync- Aura effects and click "Smart" to engage CPU temperature monit...

Keyoboard Function and modifier keys

I recently bought a Spatha X and I'm having trouble setting up the key function to bind keys to particular buttons. I'd like this to work if I connect the mouse to another machine (such as my work Mac), so using macros isn't sufficient since they do...

Past few updates...

After the last few updates and my graphics card disappearing from the app, but still shows in another system... Both systems that have dedicated video cards used to show in driver lists, but now one system is running dual rx5600xts, and the other is ...

J_Bish by Level 10
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