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Asus Aura Wallpaper

Hello there,i've installed Aura wallpaper but i can't get it to work. I tried all the things seen in a couple of youtube videos.Start Service as admin etc. but it don't work for me! Is it a bug or is there a solution for that issue?THX

Access to Older Versions of Armoury Crate?

I have a G731GV, Everything "ROG" related was working perfectly, but I needed a refresh to get rid of the 4 years of needless junk on the laptop.So I downloaded all the drivers and software packages for the laptop after doing a fresh install of Win 1...

Armoury crate blue-screen'ing clean installs of Windows 10

As title says.I've had blue screen and performance issues on my computer, today I clean-installed windows 10 to sort them out, right after windows updated I have proceeded with installing armoury crate:Mouse lags, screen freezes, blue screen. 5, 6, 8...

AIDA64 won't update

Hello,I recently bought a Crosshair x670e Extreme which is supposed to come with an Aida64 Extreme subscription, and indeed, Armoury Crate did install Aida64 for me. The problem is that it is version 6.60,5091, from back in December 2021, and it doe...

Qwinn by Level 11
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XML files on C drive root?

Hi,I've noticed that 4 xml files have been created on the root of my C drive. I'm assuming these are related to Armoury Crate as they all reference ASUS and/or Aura in the XML header.GetDeviceCap.xmlGetDeviceStatus.xmlQueryAllDevice.xmlSetMatrixLEDSc...

PilotGW by Level 8
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Alternative to armoury crate ?

2 days ago I built my main rig which uses an Asus Z790 board and my HTPC which uses an Asus Z690 board.Installed Windows on both, All up to date drivers and then I installed Armoury Crate to control the lights on the board... it simply doesn't work, ...