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Custom power plan

Hi is it possible to set a custom power plan for each AC mode? i mean i wanna use windows on Asus reccomendend but every time it change to balanced...

Wolfyx by Level 7
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AMD Chipset Driver 'Ghost' Installs

Hi all,For the past couple of months, Armoury Crate shows me an AMD Chipset Driver update available. (5900X) I download and install, it goes through. No failure messages and AC shows that the driver is installed after the operation finish...

GPU temps not updating.

So recently ive noticed my GPU temps are stuck on 42,5 celcius for gpu memory and 36,72 for GPU temp. does anyone know why? is it a bug in armoury crate?

dgdggd by Level 7
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color cycle effect

hii have noticed there is now speed option for color cycle effect like the speed option for rainbow effect TBH color cycle is to fast for me and i would like to get control of that speed is there any way to slow it down?

Update Error

Hello,for some time now I have been getting an error (code: 16) when trying to update the FanXpert device SDK via the Update Center. I have already tried several times to uninstall Armoury Crate (also with the tool) etc. but when reinstalling I am a...

AURA com library does not see ROG STRIX RTX 3050

Early this year I built a new computer with an ASUS Z690 motherboard (PRIME Z690-P D4). One thing I wanted to take control of right away was the RGB lighting as I had RAM and fans that could be controlled. To do that I wrote a program (in C#) to us...

FanXpert update issue

Crate said an update was available for FanXpert so I attempted to install it. After 1/2 hour it was still saying installing (seen screenshot). I exited Crate and then went back in. Crate stated everything was up to date.Then I attempted to go into...