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Armoury Crate No panel overdrive / refresh rate option

My laptop: Zephyrus GA503QC 2021I no longer see the option to switch refresh rate in Armoury Crate. When on battery power, my laptop no longer switches to 60Hz mode to save battery power.This is a well-documented issue with Armoury Crate.For example:...

Rog Strix Z790-F Gaming Wifi & Armoury Crate

Hallo,hat jemand von euch auch das Problem, das die Armoury Crate das Mainboard nicht erkennt?Ich habe Tastatur, Maus, Mauspad usw - es wird erkannt und kann gesteuert werden, aber leider nicht das Mainboard.Muss ich einen Schalter umlegen, oder hab...

Asus Rog wireless mouse firmware update

Today I received a firmware update 21.62.15 and dongle 1.00.14 for my second Rog Chakram X mouse and this update went very well. I noticed Armoury Crate support has improved how the software performs this update because before it didn't work properly...

cekeu by Level 11
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Aura sync problems

I bought a Aorus Waterforce 360 cpu cooler.Anyone know how to sync it to aura sync???Is it even possible ??

suddre by Level 7
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Synchonize Armoury Crate with Corsair ICUE

Most parts of my PC are from ROG however my mouse and fans are made by Corsair. Is there any way to synchronize them beyond putting the same hex color into both programs?All I could find was Mainboard and RAM support for ICUE.

Aldoraz by Level 7
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Custom power plan

Hi is it possible to set a custom power plan for each AC mode? i mean i wanna use windows on Asus reccomendend but every time it change to balanced...

Wolfyx by Level 7
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AMD Chipset Driver 'Ghost' Installs

Hi all,For the past couple of months, Armoury Crate shows me an AMD Chipset Driver update available. (5900X) I download and install, it goes through. No failure messages and AC shows that the driver is installed after the operation finish...

GPU temps not updating.

So recently ive noticed my GPU temps are stuck on 42,5 celcius for gpu memory and 36,72 for GPU temp. does anyone know why? is it a bug in armoury crate?

dgdggd by Level 7
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