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is Armoury Crate crashing my PC?

Hi everyone!I have a rather weird problem and I think Armoury Crate could be the issue here.I use two screens and sometimes my computer will randomly shut down the main screen, keep music/whatever is happening working, be able to use my mouse on the ...

Aura kit version 0

Hi allI have an issues with my ROG G703 the backlight is not recognizable in Aura creator and i have the Aura kit version 0 in Armoury crate Any help plz

maher13 by Level 7
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lite package over full

what is the diff between the lite package and full? bit of a newbie, which would i be better off with as i only need it to intregate with icue commander xl

Is Armoury Crate Installing Edge Beta?

I just noticed Edge Beta on my window. When I scan the web it says Armoury Crate installs this. Why?


I have 10 asus nodejs running at any time and i hate it, are there any way other than remove all asus software to disable it?

klausbn by Level 9
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Armoury Crate User Session Helper

Hello all,So needing some help understanding here, what the hell is the User Session Helper.I have a NAS and I realized that I was routinely, like multiple times an hour, having access done to one of the network shares. I flipped Windows over to make...

cmdr001 by Level 7
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Asus Rog Stris SCAR 17 SE G733CX - G733CW FAN SPEED CAPPED

Hey guys, I'm making this thread to report a problem that's been affecting almost every ASUS gaming laptop since last year.I have the G733CX model i9 12950HX and 3080 ti. When I first purchased the laptop about 5 months ago, I had an older ARMOURY CR...