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Armoury Crate is prevent Shutting down/ Restart.

I recently notice that my PC won't shutdown it self if Armoury Crate is installed. The screen goes black, but all the fans and rgb still stay on. If I uninstall the software the problem is gone. Somebody have/had this issue?

AsusUpdateCheck causing slow shutdowns

This has been happening for a long time - years, possibly.Shutdowns should be pretty quick (under 10 seconds), but instead are taking 25-30 seconds.I have verbose startup/shutdown messages on, and it seems to get stuck for over 20 seconds on Shutting...

MSHybrid failing still.

Are you actually going to try and make the software functional or what?It has gone from being hit and miss to missing more times than hitting and even restarts doesn't always fix the issue. I swear you guys love giving people "features" but then mess...

B660 Chipset + Rujin II AIO?

To whom it may concern; I was looking to build a PC using an Asus B660 motherboard, with a Ryujin II 240 AIO, and I was wondering if Fan Xpert and full fan control and all the normal Ryujin II Features would be available to me in Armoury Crate?Thank ...

Armoury Crate User Session Helper memory leak? is this happening to me so much? I know how to solve this, I can just rename the exe file that these services run off of. But that disables my fan and AC button on the laptop.Anyone know abou this?

myasus app

myasus app keeps crashing can anyone help me with this problem

Armoury Crate don't show correct bios

Hi i need help i start saying i upgraded my motherboard without reinstalling windows 10...... and i used before aisuite3i disinstalled that and used ArmoryCrate..... all is recognized and can be changed...... the only thing that makes me crazy.....i...

No GPU temp

Motherboard ASUS Z690 HEROBIOS 0811OS Windows 11After fresh install graphic card temperature sensor not shown in UEFI neither Armoury Crate Fan Expert temperature sources. In the previous installation they did appear.Hardware:12700KNvidia RTX 3090 F...

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