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Armoury Crate Problems with Steam game Undecember

Hi,I have the following hardware:Asus ROG Strix X670E-F Bios 805Asus TUF RX6800XTAMD Ryzen 9 7950xASUS Ryuo 24064 GB Expo RAM Windows 11 Pro installed, running.Driver chipset and graphics card up to date.Armoury Crate ( newsest Version ) on it etc.Bl...

Lost control of my video card lighting

Since the last update I have lost control of my video card, it's not even showing up in Armoury Crate, also the lighting effect for heat monitoring is gone as well.Anyone else having any of these issues?:confused:

Armoury Crate Scenario profiles still bugged

Hardware: ROG FalchionNew version of Armoury crate but scenario profiles are still bugged. i bought this keyboard because it could swtich profiles according to app used, but it never works, at least for the Falchion keyboardDoes it work for different...

Z690 Extreme OLED issue

Does anyone else have issues with the OLED screen crashing? If I go back to Armoury Crate and selecting another preset animation it comes back but it's kind of annoying that it randomly stops working for a bit. I'm on the latest BIOS with all updat...