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Infinite Loading Screen ROG STRIX 7690-E motherboard

Uninstalled AC with the uninstall tool, and installed AC clean. Everything was working and my issues with the motherboard not showing up were fixed. At least until the first power cycle. It was working perfectly across several restarts, b...

Graphic card update

It gives me a graphic card update even though I have a Gigabyte gpu, surely this is a bug?

DSD27 by Level 7
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AC Still the same issue

Got the latest update hoping to resolve the issue with my Throne QI and Delta S headset not updating through Armoury Crate. Not new to ROG RGB issues, And I could usually find a work around or eventually get it to work in the past. But this issue is ...

Asus Updater

Here recently I have a problem with the update, when I let it update it gets stuck on this window for hours and no response that it is working. Any solution to this problem?

Armoury Crate V5.4.10.0 is rolling out this week

Hi Everybody,Armoury Crate V5.4.10.0 is rolling out gradually starting today. Do not be alarmed if you cannot see an update available immediately. Everyone will have received it by Monday the 6th of March.

MasterC by Community Admin
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Is Armoury Crate v5.4.8.0 working now?

I see from the post from MasterC that v5.4.8.0 was pulled - but what is the plan with this version - will the fix be deployed and pushed out under the same version number, or will it be v5.4.8.1 etc?I am excperiencing issues with it constantly trying...

EdwardQ by Level 7
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Rog fan controller page error and just loops

Currenty cannot access my fan controller in armoury crate.Page errorwe are sorry. Theres an error with the device page. The app is going to reload the device page now. (2006)hit ok reloads back to same error.Any help greatly appreciated thanks

Any updates on v5.4.8.0

I'm tired of looking at RGB Puke and with my current version It wont let me sink my headset and Throne Qi stand because its trying to force update the Hal and SDK to these which fails every time. Tried every trick in the book old and new even so far ...

Washed out colors and not syncing in static

Hi everyone,I recently received my PC and it was working fine when I first started it all all of the colors were vibrant and all of the modes worked. Such as rainbow and static modes. I was able to install armory crate and everything worked fine such...