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Latest models supporting Armoury Crate Gear

New models supporting Armoury Crate Gear: ROG Azoth (WinOS): Download linkROG Carnyx: Download linkROG Keris II Ace: Download linkROG Cetra True Wireless Speednova: Download link   Models already compatible with Armoury Crate Gear: Windows OSROG Stri...

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MasterC by Community Admin
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FPS upon startup

Hello,  I have game mode enabled for different games and some of them are fps game mode. So when windows starts instead of saying default like it used to it loads up and displays fps, it makes me wonder if the image is being altered to fps mode or no...

Spatha X cannot bind ALT keypress in Armoury Crate

I'm trying to bind the ALT keypress to one of the side buttons on the Spatha X using the Armoury Crate software but the app is not seeing the ALT keypress. I can bind other modifiers such as CTRL and Shift, but not ALT. 


I hope somebody could help me with this intel chipset driver 10.1.17541.8066 current version It is prompted in driver update tool of armoury crate. However, every time i select update and finish installing then restart. It is still prompte...

367392098_665243822448130_9033434682677027397_n.jpg 400216286_1094599138391697_9099952078136675880_n.jpg
MASH777 by Level 7
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Since the latest update Video card not showing.

A second issue with the new update my 4070ti is no longer showing up.   ASUS ROG MAXIMUS HERO XI [WI-FI] Mother BoardASUS TUF 4070 TI OC 12 GBASUS ROG STRIX XG27V MONITORASUS ROG RYUO LIQUID COOLINGASUS ROG THOR 850W PSUASUS ROG GLADIUS 11 ORIGIN MOU...

Armoury crate always crashing on first startup after boot

Hello All,I want to report an issue with armoury crate always crashing on first start after system bootup:Issue is always same and always related to Windows.UI.Xaml.dllMy PC is a ROG laptop from 2022, precisely G713RWIssue still happen after ...

Screenshot 2023-10-27 162004.png
TommyDrs by Level 8
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Changing colors for ROG Azoth

Hello, I use the rainbow scheme for my keyboard and want to change the individual colors. I always can change only one color. If i try to change the next color, the first color is going to change. It must be a bug!!!! 

aura wallpaper 40% cpu

after the latest update wallpaper is using 40% of my cpu. I have an i9 running at 4.5 ghz what the bleep?

armoury crate still did not fix scenerio profiles

well ive clean installed windows again,rolled back bios .checked for driver updates,the only thing on my whole pc is armoury crate and one game to check the profiles,i had no problems with the scenerio profiles untill the 5.7.3.update can anyone help...

Screenshots are only the top left corner?

I use armory crate to program the buttons on my mouse. One of them I have programmed to take screenshots. Then about 2 weeks ago for seemingly no reason at all, it started only screenshotting the top left corner. Also, the resolution of these screens...



I'm still missing RAM, with the previous version of the useless everything worked perfectly for me. RAM KINGTON HYPERX PREDATOR RGB HX436C17PB3AK4/64 4 Modules of 16 Gb total 64 GB, 3600 Hz DDR4, CL17

Miguel_V by Level 10
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