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Unable to uninstall Armoury Crate Completely?

HelloThe last few days I am having problems with Armoury Crate won't detect any of my devices, AURA creator seems able to see them.So I thought maybe I should do uninstall the app and re-install... I used the uninstall tool from ASUS and re-install u...

Sten_ by Level 7
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Armoury Crate: Error Accessing Tools Tab

Hi all,I have recently rebuilt my PC around TUF GAMING B560M-PLUS WIFI motherboard. Amazingly I was even able to install all the drivers without the original CD, so my Device Manager looks good - no thanks to ASUS download site, but kudos to the Driv...

Wierd argb problems

Im the one with wierd hardware problems...I got a ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XIII EXTREME LGA1200 ATX motherboard with 3 arg ports named gen 2_1,2_2 and 2_3Then i bough and installed 5 Phantel neon strips in to Gen 2_1 and gen 2_3 since it was most easy to hid...

Psycrow by Level 11
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Mapping key to open folder

Hi everyone, and sorry for my English I have a ROG STRIX SCOPE RX and would like to know how to map a key to open a specific folder.In Keys' section in Armoury Crate there are different options (launch application, open web site, etc...), but none of...

framan by Level 7
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Problem with Armoury Crate > AC_FDSPlugin

Well for some reason ArmouryCrate.UserSessionHelper.exe > AC_FDSPlugin keeps accessing WSL2 Kali path \\wsl.localhost\kali-linux\usr\lib\win-kex\win-kex and that's causing the WSL2 Kali to always be running and keep restarting every few minutes or so...

Screen refresh option disappeared?

I have ROG Strix G17 laptop and after some use Armory Crate updated and now there's no MUX switch (I guess it is replaced by ulitmate mode) and no screen refresh switch. I tried to go throug Windows 11s own refresh change option but there's only 59Hz...

Auto Display Brightness and Performance Issue

So every time I install the Armoury Crate facing some issue and because of that, I had to install it within hour. As example, when installed its automatically changes the power option of windows that I have set. I don't want to lower the brightness, ...

moinsbd by Level 7
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