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New Crate Edition, new problem Armoury Crate UWP App

Memory does not seem to be included in the new update. There was no issue before the update.   Item Version ---- ------- Armoury Crate UWP App ROG Live Service Aura Service (Lighting Service) 3.07.10 Armoury Crate lite service 5.6.3 A...

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Crate V5.2.12.0 and MZ690E Shutdown Effect

This new version does not allow me to change the shutdown effect on my MZ690E. I can even disable the shutdown effect but it still defaults automatically to the rainbow effect. Changing to static or any other effect is futile. Defaults every...

Hopper64 by Level 14
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Armoury Crate + Lian Li UNI Fan V2 - Few Questions

Hello guys! I'm moving from a ALL Corsair System to just keep Asus (That means, only use Armoury Crate for Fans speed control and ARGB). I just pulled the trigger for 10 Lian Li Uni SL120 V2 to replace all my Corsair QL120. My motherboard is a ROG B6...

nllelobr by Level 10
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Armoury Crate and L-Connect 3 ARGB sync problem

Hello, I have a problem, I have explained my problem in detail below. I bought the Lian Li Uni SL120 V2 triple set. My motherboard is ASUS Crosshair X670E Hero. I first uninstalled the Armory Crate software with Armory Crate Uninstall and restarted t...

emkdrl07 by Level 10
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Latest Armoury Crate Update broke Aura control for me

After the most recent update AURA can no longer detect my ROG Strix 5700 XT. Everything else shows up. And now the GPU is stuck on a static color (teal) and I have no way to turn it off. Also the AURA Version shows version 0.