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I have lost access to my old Armory Crate account

Dear Asus staff,Recently my pc was compromised and I had to delete my Google account. My Armory Crate account was on the same deleted Google account. I made a new Armory Crate account, but I want to add my ASUS product, but when I try to enter my pro...

reNn by Level 7
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AC Device Problem

I am using M3 mouse and H3 wireless headset for gaming on my Win11 desktop. Until today all was working well. Today my computer updated AC to and when i try to access Device tab i am facing 2005 error after huge loading logo. And also when i ...

Kruager by Level 7
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Adaptive Color regularly freezes on ROG Azoth

I'm using AURA right now to set up the "Adaptive Color" option for my new ROG Azoth. This is controlled through a scenario profile that loads anytime I'm in a game. For any game with lots of motion/movement (Overwatch, Grounded, Sea of Thieves, any F...

Atranox by Level 8
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High GPU usage at idle when using adaptive color

Hello everyone! My armoury crate updated to the latest version and now the GPU is always being used about 20~30% at idle all the time and the whole Windows UI lags now. It only happens when the RGB is set to adaptive, which is what I used the most. B...

Zezebro by Level 7
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Armoury Crate/Aura Creator not detecting my keyboard correctly

Hello, I have noticed Aura Creator to show me a QWERTY UK keyboard instead of an AZERTY FR keyboard. I found that file C:\ProgramData\ASUS\ROG Live Service\GamingHostinfo content was incorrect: I have no idea how to solve this. [NBDT]ProductLine=ROG_...

Flo by Level 10
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