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Armoury Crate V5.4.8.0 has been pulled

We apologize for the delay in releasing Armoury Crate Version we understand it, some users have updated already. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have decided to pull V5.4.8.0 so it will not be available. Soon a new version will be relea...

MasterC by Community Manager
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ROG Spatha HAL update failure

Title says it all, My Spatha won't update the HAL and can't be controlled in crate until it does.Steps tried...Have tried using tool to fully uninstall crate several times.Independently updated the bios on the SpathaTried wired and wireless options o...

Multiple Problems with Armnoury Crate

Since updating to G703GX does not appear as an AuraSync device. Aura Kit shows Version 0.2) Spatha mouse in continual update loop.3) Latest Balteus update is broken. The device goes into a continual USB connection loop on my laptop.The prob...

Armoury Crate the new update brokes iCUE software

Hi, I have installed the lastest update for Armoury Crate my motherboard appears regularly under Devices.By the way, there is a new problem related with Armoury Crate and Corsair iCUE v4.33.138 software compatibility.I have a Corsair H1...

E cores showing above P cores AC information view

Hi there, So normally when I go to the information page of AC I get presented with core information in order of 0 to what ever, however today I reinstalled windows and after getting AC installed I now see the E cores at the top with the p cores below...

PSYKOnz by Level 9
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Armoury Crate back at

Hello everyone.This seems odd. I’ve skipped the upgrades to Armoury Crate 5.0.11 (latest) because I’ve been reading about all the issues. However whenever I would start my current version of AC (4.X.x) it would ask me if I wanted to grab the 5.0.11. ...

Armory Crate Has Become Worse Than iCUE

I thought it was impossible but true.To all those that say a reinstall of Windows is the only way to fix most AC issues is the worst advice one can give.Especially when the uninstall tool is a joke like AC itself.I ran into more issues again with AC,...