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Armory Crate is not working days ago, app was working fine but today its not working. Is it same for you? Last time i installed all updates from inside the app and i selected my settings. Everythings was fine. What changed today ? I didn't change... - GameLibrary no longer populates.

Amongst the other issues I have seen for the Armoury Crate User Session Helper CPU usage, I have another issue which is with my games no longer appear in the Game Library. I tried scanning for them Armoury finds nothing at all. This was working in th...

hockla by Level 7
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Armoury Crate Game Library links

When I try to add a program to the game library to execute from the windows context menu, some programs wich are linked in the game library of AC doesn't open or opens another program linked in the AC app itself, so for example I have MSI AB with CPU...

M4tyy by Level 7
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UserSessionHelper.exe high CPU usage in

After a new update UserSessionHelper.exe consumes too much cpu. It is a known bug and still not fixed. I can't delete the file as I have S17 laptop and without it some keyboard keys just don't work like aura or rog button

kreizee by Level 7
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Aura Wallpaper Service is not installed

Hi guys.My laptop model is ROG Strix G512LV. My OS is Win11. I can't install Aura Wallpaper Service. Armory create update service is not find Aura Wallpaper Service.How I can fix it?Item Ver...

Thank you for the fix

The new update I just installed seems to have fixed most of the things. The helper now no longer uses CPU and power for days.

Dragg0n by Level 7
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ARMOURY CRATE - audio mode tray icon issue

Audio mode tray icon appears when system is started or armory crate is opened.Icon is displayed when audio enchancement are already deactivated or even if the audio addon is uninstalled.It offers the option to deactivate audio features. And with prev...

buxanka by Level 7
  • 2 replies
  • 0 kudos Same dangerous Ryujin 360 problems

Even after the latest update all the same dangerous problems persist for my Ryujin 360 cpu cooler. In the software the Ryujin 360 is stuck with a notification however through all settings is no actual notification. Temperature display still continues...

Aura Sync doesn't detect Gigabyte 4090 GPU

Hey all,I have a new PC build that I've been running off of the iGPU the last two weeks while I was tuning things (so fresh Windows 11 install too). I've had Armory Crate installed during that time and it has been controlling my other RGB components ...

Horgh by Level 7
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