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RGB sluttering issue

hola guys> what can i do with this slutter and non smooth effect of RGB-light?i filmed it on 60fps so IRL it much worse then video... ive tried to use supersmooth effect on Armoury but there is no way to get it better any advice?

Dodik by Level 7
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Armory Crate HAL Central App Update Error

Hello, Asus Community,The Subject say it all, I cannot update the Armory Crate HAL Central App due to receiving the error code -2147467259, I am unable to find a solution so far. Any help and advice would be appreciated, Thanks. P.S. Could Asus stop ...

Uninstalling Amory Crate.

I need to know that if I uninstall Amory Crate that it WILL NOT effect my bios in any way, like removing it if that's possible?? or screwing up drive or RAM settings. I installed it a few wks & I've had nothing but issues. Want to uninstall to see if...

Gamevisual is missing from Armoury crate

i tried reinstalling the armoury crate and its upto date still i can't see any gamevisual in that. More over all the drivers are up to date so as the BIOS. Also there is issue of missing icon of Armoury crate from right click menu at desktop

GameVisual not showing in scenario profiles

Initially I had no problem attaching a GameVisual setting to the scenario profiles on my Zephyrus G14, but at some point the option disappeared. The GameVisual section is still there, and I can still choose one manually, but they no longer appear in ...

KCB17 by Level 7
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Armoury Crate V5.6.8.0 issue

As you can see in the screenshot, Armoury Crate keeps sending notifications, and it disturbs me. It started after the new update. I always use AC in silent mode, and now at the top of silent there is an exclamation mark. When I switch to performance ...

2023-06-23 (5).png

Alternative to, Armoury Crate ...

I do hope one dosent get banned for asking..   what is the alternative for Armoury Crate? I have keyboard, ehadset, mice etc from ASUS, Rog Strix gear and I cant do much with them in terms of settings and so. I really dont want to be force into insta...