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V5.4.8.0 Shows CPU Freq where it used to show Temperature

With recent forced/automatic update to my ASUS ROG M15 shows CPU frequencies in 3 places on the Home screen but only one place now for temperature. In the last version CPU temperature was constantly updated in real time within a small box wit...

Z13 Armoury Crate error and missing egpu drives

Hi, sorry to bother. I was using my z13 with the xg mobile, and I started having issues with it in a game, When I restarted the pc, the armoury icon to disconnect/connect the egpu disappeared, and Armoury didn't show any of the profiles or any info r...

Fan Xpert Error due to ASUS ascomsvc

New build.  Updated BIOS, Armoury Crate, AI Suite III along with all drivers.  Fan Xpert had error when there was an issue with an ASUS service that would not start called ascomsvc.  After I disabled this service in msconfig and rebooted, Fan Xpert r...

maident by Level 7
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Actual update armoury crate breaks cpu load [Resolved]

Good afternoon, i am experiencing an annoying problem in my laptop, the cpu frequencys and usage are always in zero, it doesnt recognize them, i tried everything to make it work and i found that the updated armoury crate service is the problem, when ...

josua98x by Level 7
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G533ZW Keystone not detected in AC

Hello, after update of AC to last version ( i had troubles with keystone.At keystone page in Armoury Crate always status "No keystone detected".I already trying to reinstall Armoury Crate. Also i tried to reinstall NFC driver (proximity devi...

Armory Crate Detecting ingetgrated graphics, not GPU

I recently built an AMD rig on the ROG Strix X670E-A Gaming motherboard. Rig runs great but I have one gremlin I am trying to address. My iCue software won't detect the Red Devil 6950XT I have installed. Going back to Armory crate it appears that the...

Armory Crate Fan Xpert 4. Cpu package temp vs cpu temp ??

Good morning, I have a problem with armory crate, Fan Xpert 4. My real temperature on after burner is "cpu package" But Fan Xpert 4 has the value "cpu temperature". This poses a problem for adjusting the fans according to the actual temperature durin...

Niro1 by Level 7
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Motherboard Model Identifier update breaking armoury crate

Downloading the latest Model Identifier update for my motherboard causes my motherboard to no longer be regonized by armoury crate. This prevents me from using Fan Xpert, as well as many other issues. I did a full clean reinstall of armoury crate t...