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Complete control over your system, accessories, cooling, and lighting.
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Latest models supporting Armoury Crate Gear

New models supporting Armoury Crate Gear: ROG Azoth (WinOS): Download linkROG Carnyx: Download linkROG Keris II Ace: Download linkROG Cetra True Wireless Speednova: Download link   Models already compatible with Armoury Crate Gear: Windows OSROG Stri...

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Armoury crate's auto switch for fan modes.

I think it would help many people, if Armoury Crate didn't switch the fan mode for example from Manual mode to Performance mode, when switching the GPU mode. (from integrated graphics to discrete GPU or the other way around). This happens to me all t...

Armoury Crate Update Refuses to Install

I'm currently running version On starting the software it informs me there's a new update, but when I click the "Update Now" button nothing happens. I've even gone in to the "Update Center" in Settings, which also informs me there's an updat...

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Armory Crate crashing within seconds every time i launch it

For a while now every time i open the application it crashes within seconds. I downloaded the uninstaller so i could try to reinstall it again but now it keeps failing the uninstallation. I really need to update drivers and be able to use armory crat...

keyboard not responding Zephyrus M16

Hello. The keyboard on my ROG Zephyrus M16 stops responding in-game at times. The problem seems to be with Armoury Crate because when I uninstall it for several days the problem disappears. The thing is, Armoury Crate has its uses and you can't do wi...

Front ARGB Fans - Only 1 LED on when synced?

I have an Asus Crosshair Hero VIII WiFi...I have a CoolerMaster H500M with front CoolerMaster ARGB lights. Only one of the LEDs work when on Rainbow effect on each fan. If I unsync addressable header, all the lights work on each fan.If I choose a sta...

Armory Crate not registering RGB devices

Reinstalled the OS yesterday. Was forced to install Armory crate because Aura Sync no longer comes seperate. Aura Sync will not register my devices anymore. The keyboard, RAM, and mouse are all rainbow... The only solutions found dating back to 2019 ...

Armoury crate crash?

Hey, I recently ran a windows ISO to repair my system and afterwards armory crate installed on my pc and this new crash popup occurred this is what it says:DescriptionFaulting Application Path: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AacMB\Aac3572MbHal_x86.exeProblem ...