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RGB strip configuration not saving in Armoury Crate

Hi there!first of all, I'm from Spain so sorry about my english '^^I have some ARGB fans and led strips that works great in the ARGB connectors, but I have a RGB led strip that not showing correctly the colors, I mean, if I select blue I see blue, bu...

heavy92 by Level 7
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Can't login to Armoury Crate service

When i try to download Aura Walpaper Armoury Crate asks me to log in.I submit the login data and then it asks to what service to log in. i choose Global Service. It says "redirecting" and then nothing happens.Any help?My specs:Asus Rog Zephyrus G14 l...

customizable hotkeys

I am unable to see when i switch mode from f4 key, even the mode will change from silent to performance or turbo but the screen dose not showing the message that i've changed the mode. all of the customized keys are working but i am not able to see i...

Rishi02 by Level 7
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ASUS ROG Strix Helios Front RBG Not working

Hi I've brought this case couple days ago now put all parts in love but one problem the rbg at the front of case not working try pressing the button nothing happens I've connected the 3 pin connector to the motherboard  and its reg in Armoury Crate 

Fan xpert 4 Problems cant control fan speed

Hey guys, i hope i will find help in here. After i started my pc today my fan xpert 4 went crazy. dont know what to do because im a noob in pc things.  I cant move the dots around to lower my fans...

ßlindx by Level 7
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Can't detect RGB fans via Aura Sync in Asus GT301 case

Got a new PC from a 3rd party PC assembly company: Asus GT301 case, Intel Core i9 CPU + Asus NVIDIA RTX GPU, MSI B560M motherboard. Installed Armoury Crate to try and get control of RGB/LED fans (3 front, 2 top) via Aura Sync, but it is not detecting...

Natey2 by Level 7
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