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Armoury crate v3.2.4.0 issues

Looks like they locked the old thread and forgot to put the new one up.Since the update, Corsair iCue motherboard integration appears to have stopped working. Anyone had the same?

Easy Anti Cheat kick with ROGLiveService.exe running

turning off the .exe would render my customization through Armoury Crate ineffective -- please send out a fix as a soon as possible because this is miles more important than the shaky progress being made with Aura and LiveDash in this (to be) unified...

No Home Tab

I dont have a home button I cannot see any system information, I would like to know the temperature for the AiO Coolant. This is a clean install and I still have no home tab. Can anybody help?

Turbo mode not Working

I have a Zephyrus M15 (GU502LW), 2 months old. suddenly after 1 month the frames starting to drop. I investigate and I realized that at 95 degrees the fan was only at 6500 rpm where it is capable of 8000 rpm. But every time I switch to turbo for 2 mi...

RTX 3080 Start up LED profile problem

Hi!I'm having an issue with my Asus ROG Strix RTX 3080 Gaming OC. When Windows boots up my VGA always sets it's led profile to breathing red, even though I always set it to rainbow. So I have to set it manully after every startup. Is there a solution...

Simdev by Level 7
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Armory Crate Repeatedly breaks

About once a week my Armory crate breaks and refuses to open, its error tells me to reinstall it. Upon trying to reinstall it, the windows store fails repeatedly with all sorts of errors. From not being connected to the internet, to other issues such...

Need New Feature for AC!

I've heared that we are able to see hardware data, such as temperature and frequency, and fan curve tweaker in the next version of amoury crate that's gonna be release in November. What's current progress? I really need something that can adjest fan ...