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Latest models supporting Armoury Crate Gear

New models supporting Armoury Crate Gear: ROG Azoth (WinOS): Download linkROG Carnyx: Download linkROG Keris II Ace: Download linkROG Cetra True Wireless Speednova: Download link   Models already compatible with Armoury Crate Gear: Windows OSROG Stri...

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MasterC by Community Admin
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Armoury Crate doesn't recognize audio drivers

I apologize in advance. I posted this in my laptops subforum and am not getting any responses. GA503QR Realtek audio drivers:The drivers are installed and working properly but when I go into Armoury Crate/system/audio I get this message. I've reloa...

STRIX B550-XE abnormal AURA behaviour

Hello. After last several Armoury Crate updates I have started experience unusual behaviour of my devices leds (ASUS ROG STRIX B550-XE GAMING WIFI / STRIX GeForce RTX 3070 ОС / Crucial DDR4 16Gb 3000 Mhz Ballistix White RGB (BL16G30C15U4WL) x2):1. S...

The backup/restore functionality is utterly useless

What is the point of having the option to backup and restore scenario profiles, when the device profiles to which they are linked are not backed up??? So you end up having restored all your scenario profiles, but find out out none of them are working...

Terepin by Level 8
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Armoury Crate we need to have a word

About a week ago decided to go in on the Claymore II. Coming from Logitech Mouse, keyboard and headset my mindset was to goto one piece of software for majority of my devices starting with keyboard.Tested out Armoury Crate (AC) at my local shop (SCAN...

Armoury crate

Ai suite don't recognize Fan Extension Card II fanshello. i have a z390 f gaming and i install a fan extension card ii. the problem is i can't control them and ai suite recognize it as node psu fan.. any suggestions ?

Fix brightness settings while in Aura Sync

Falchion wireless keyboard. Before version 5.xx you could adjust brightness level (in 25% steps) while in Aura Sync mode. After version 5.xx update, the settings for adjusting are there, but they do nothing. In Keris mouse settings, they work. I thin...

netol19 by Level 7
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Aura Sync freeze when ASUS FX EHD-A2T is connected after a while

Hello there!I have this problem with Aura sync in Armoury Crate:The ASUS FX EHD-A2T Hard drive seems to freeze the whole Aura sync after being connected in a while (1-2 hours, but it can also do it after 10 minutes while using it). I usually unsync f...

PWN3D_ by Level 10
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Are Aura Sync monitors not supported by Armoury Crate?

I just got a new monitor with Aura Sync, and it does not like Armoury Crate at all. Before this, my Aura Sync keyboard, motherboard, and mouse worked (mostly) fine with Armoury Crate, but with this new monitor, bugs aplenty. I've had to uninstall Arm...

What is P508PowerAgent.exe

I started up my ASUS ROG G531GD laptop. and this "P508PowerAgent.exe" application was on my taskbar. Is any problem with my power supply. I run diagnostic in MyAsus App. The result is shown in above image.


Armoury Crate GameVisual too bright!

Anyone have same problem?====================================================================================================i have GX502LXS on discrete mode (rtx only) with conditions :- using latest driver gpu,- latest version armoury crateArmoury ...