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If Armoury Crate doesn't Work install Aura Sync 1.07.84

Hello, Armoury Crate just straight up doesn't work for me and completely ruins my RGB effects, But i found out that if you install the very last version of Aura Sync from Look for the link under ...

Can access to my pheriphelas

Already update to the last version and still can access to my pheripherals (Mouse Rog Chakram and Keyboard Rog Strix Flare) .Keep in loading with a message can't read and can press the confirmation. Also the systray icon of the battery for the mou...


ARGB config for RAM sticks

Hi, I'm very new to the world of (A)RGB and have my first build with such components. I installed Armory Crate to get control over the effects and I have some questions now, if anyone would be so kind:-First, how can I have each RAM stick with a diff...

Chnaging Tiles Sizes in Armoury Crates

In the recent Armoury Crate update. The tiles size of the "My Profile" has gotten twice its size, and it is kind of buggy me as I prefer it to be a smaller tile.I currently know that you can either hide/move the tiles but is there a way to edit the t...

JonTeoh by Level 7
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Language selector ?

Armory Carte seems to install the default win language.... Can I change that ? I am in French but I want AC in English...thanks

SimDuch by Level 10
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HyperX Predator RGB RAM sync issues

The HyperX Predator RGB ram (Serial No. HX440C19PB4A/8 , Part no. KHX4000C19D4/8GX) is working in 'Cycle mode' even though the AURA effect is set to 'Rainbow mode'. I had downloaded the AURA Creator and I cannot customise the direction of flow of RGB...

Armory Crate missing home tab

Clean install of windows and armory crate, the home tab appears to be missing, i'd like to monitor the coolant temps for the LC AiO.ROG Strix Z490-EROG Strix LC 360 RGBCan anybody help please?????