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3ms panel overdrive doesnt work at all

  Hi community. Someone faced with the fact that 3ms panel overdrive does not work? In the on and off state, the display gives 6.4-7 ms, this is not 3ms at all. rog scar g732lv I installed clean windows, all asus services are installed, stock asus dr...

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ArtMov by Level 7
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Armory Crate Sleep and Eco Mode Problem

Anyone else having this issues on their Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 2022 Model? 1st Issue: G15 ROG Laptop unable to enter sleep mode fully and fan is still running when the screen went blank. Went to ASUS service center and no issue was detected as they di...

Armoury crate error again

Armoury crate keep telling me to update after update install and it does it every time i try to go in keyboard settings.When do ASUS see it's crap and make a new app cause this is really p.ssing me and people i know off

klausbn by Level 9
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GPU rgb not syncing with Armory Crate

Hi, i used to be able to control the rgb on my old 1060 stix through Armory Crate, its been a while since i just lived with it but now i want to get it to Sync again. I did a fresh windows install and there is no excuse as to why it shouldn't work, t...