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Resolved! Faulting application AacAmbientLighting.exe and Armoury Crate v5.7.9

I am a long time Asus lover, but my patience is severely being tested with Armoury Crate - after issues with earlier versions of Armoury Crate there was a period of stability, and with the latest version of Armoury Crate (v5.7.9.0) I am now getting i...

EdwardQ by Level 10
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Different RGB color for multiple RAM sticks

Hi, I have two RGB RAM sticks installed in Strix B650I and I'd like to set each to different static color but I can't find a way to do that in AC. It just say Memory and gives me single color for both. Is there any way how to do that?

Armoury Crate needs higher privilegs

Hello Guys,this is a bit frustrating since i setup computers with different right shemas. Since day one in computer area its common use to split roles by user rights. Thats why all my users get regular "USER" rights nothing more. Now the issue with A...

fgro79 by Level 7
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Corsair memory

I just ordered some dominator platinum memory. Is crate compatible with Corsair stuff or do you have to install Corsair iCUE too? Thanks.

Not smooth LED and more...

Hello! I have a problem with LED of my system components (motherboard, video card, RAM dies - the first 2 from ASUS). After updating the videocard driver (2080 super) Armory Crate began to display a message about incorrect work or an error (I don't r...


Every time I start my computer, there is a window open displaying nothing with the name 'armouryswagent'.What is that? I didn't have that until I uninstalled and reinstalled armoury crate in an effort to show my XG349C monitor in the armoury crate (w...

Crasje by Level 12
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A theory

Two times I have had problems with Armoury crate where it was working normally (first time I thought there was something off but no) and then something went wrong. Now its not like I didn't do anything, but it doesn't seem to take much to break it. I...

Jimbo93 by Level 12
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Motherboard and GPU lose synch after Screensaver

Apparently it's common knowledge that when you PC goes into screensaver, parts of the RGB change, well that is what happens to me.However, on resume, all my RGB's revert to what I origianlly assigned them which is awesome, but that only lasts for app...

JimmyH by Level 10
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ASUS do us a favour and just mothball Armoury Crate.

I love ASUS hardware. I currently have a ASUS Strix Gaming motherboard and G Sync compatible monitor and both are excellent. There hardware is second to none but there software is another story, especially Armoury Crate. Being as blunt as I can it is...