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Which version is most recent as of May 2021?

About a month and a half ago, Amoury Craft updated itself for me, reporting version installed on my system. However today, I checked Asus's website for my motherboard (TUF Gaming x570 Pro Wifi), and it lists v3.0.11.0 released on 2021-04-28 a...

GA35 no longer supported in software?

What's up? I've been using a pre-built GA35DX-XS99X Desktop PC for the last couple months. Recently I noticed that the lighting on the tower had shut off while I was playing a game and I opened up Armoury Crate to take a look at what happened. I keep...

Cant Save Lighting Profiles to Hardware - Help!

Hi all,I can't figure out how to save lighting profiles to the hardware itself so I am not looking at Rainbow every time my PC is restarting or has my screen lock engaged.I want it to default to Green instead of rainbow.I have the following:ASUS----R...

JennBRD by Level 7
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GX502GW Armoury Crate

At the moment, the Aura Sync tab at the Armoury Crate App is not showing any compatible devices so I can't customize my keyboard lighting. GameVisual is not changing my color profile even if I change to a new preset. Installing the older separate Gam...

Weird Behaviour Every Time Wake Up From Screen Off

These several days I experience weird behaviour of my ROG STRIX G513QM, every time it wake up from screen off I notice the Armoury Crate GPU Stats on Frequency tab always reduced from it should be. In this case I set on TURBO (see below picture)And a...

Armoury Create CPU STATS and GPU BOOST

Where is the cpu stats ?If i uninstall everything and install new version GPU Boost not working. Armoury Create show me CPU Stats before restart the PC. If i restart the PC CPU stats nolt working anymore.1- GPU Boost not working with clean install v...

uurdoan by Level 7
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