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Resolved! Faulting application AacAmbientLighting.exe and Armoury Crate v5.7.9

I am a long time Asus lover, but my patience is severely being tested with Armoury Crate - after issues with earlier versions of Armoury Crate there was a period of stability, and with the latest version of Armoury Crate (v5.7.9.0) I am now getting i...

EdwardQ by Level 10
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Error messages on startup

Does anyone know what these error messages mean? They appeared after installing the latest version of Armoury Crate. Incidentally, the RGB on my X570-Plus doesn't work either...


AniMe Matrix

i have uninstaled the ARMOURY CRETE and instaled it again from asus website and now i cant use AniMe Matrix in my device what should i do

Unnecessary processes through Armour Crate

i understand that Armoury Crate is supposed to offer compatibility with a lot of other manufacturer's components and many devices from all over.but why does it need Kingston DRAM HAL specific processes running at all times using up memory & little C...

GObonzo by Level 8
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Today's Armoury Crate tip

Are Armoury Crate services crashing on your system or does Armoury Crate load pages slowly? Todays tip might help youBefore proceeding, consider performing with no overclocking.Go to Windows Settings->Apps->Armoury Crate ->Advanced Options. Terminate...

Jimbo93 by Level 12
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iCUE sync broken in 4.2.12

Just a quick note to say that the latest version of armoury crate, has caused the sync to iCUE to break yet again. I actually think it's probably less to do with the armoury crate update but more likely to do with the HAL update.I think the ...

Armoury Crate

Hello,I am using Crate on a Windows 11 system.Since the last update on my ROG GLADIUS II WIRELESS mouse (Version: when I go on the mouse settings it keeps loading. On the background of the loading there is a popup box but blurre...

Athlios by Level 8
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I looking for this version of Armoury Crate.

Hello,I would like to download this version of Armoury Crate: version is installed on my PC and work fine, so it's for this reason that I look for this version.When I go here impossible to find this version : https://www.asus....

How do I uninstall armory crate? [RESOLVED]

Whenever I try to uninstall from Windows I get a language prompt that is not in English. I also see other people complaining that they have to dig into windows registry in order to fully uninstall all the drivers. I don't understand why it has to be ...