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AuraCreator | ArmoryCrate [Information Collected] {Device Incompatibility}

Level 8
According to the information that I currently have from the Aura service for TUF systems and others, there is a huge incompatibility with this tool, which I saw information about in the middle of the forum in conjunction with what I reported in the TUF subforum ( https://rog And the background I have is as follows:

1- Too much outdated or redundant information.
2- Multiple software that directly generate hyper-incompatibilities. Among the services of the Microsoft store, the drivers and software of the official pages of Asus and Aura.

In the Microsoft store there are at least 4 or 5 applications that are correlated with the ArmoryCrate and Aura services. Examples of these are:

-Tuff Aura Core
-Rog Aura Core
-Rog Aura
-Rog GameVisual

On the other hand, the official page of Aura has three links in which it is indicated:

-ArmoryCrate and Aura >
-Lighting_Control_1.07.79_V2.2 >

-AuraCreator >

Asus official page:

AURA Lighting Control >

ArmoryCrate >
Version Armory Crate Full Installation Package >

Uninstaller ArmoryCrate >

LiteLogTool >

On the other hand, the device list has not been updated since 2018 according to official documentation >

ArmoryCrate information and list obtained from:

The above information is from the ArmoryCrate tool; The ArmoryCrate tool is separate from Aura, AuraService and Aura Creator.

Aura Creator did a 'page update on 04-2022' but the models are based directly from the documentation. Aura Creator information link:

Additionally, even if you have ArmoryCrate and AuraCreator, it won't do you any good, since neither AuraService nor the aforementioned tools have really updated compatibility for keyboards, peripherals, and others. Even the incompatibility reaches the point where a keyboard language change from EN_US to ES_ES, EN_UK, ES_MX makes the tools incompatible. Because as far as I can tell someone didn't do the work of using UFT-8 or universal library compatibility in it. On the other hand, the official pages of both .com and .es domains indicate that only certain pages are really official, which would invalidate all the rest of the pages, according to 'cybersecurity' communications, this can be denoted in something as simple as not loading of images on the support and driver pages of certain devices. Paradoxically, these pages are linked by the same .com and .es domains, which, in a few words, shows little seriousness, decline, null management, among others. On the other hand, the pages reveal support hours that are not the same as the contact numbers indicate. As well as attention.
But without leaving the focus that is AuraCreator, ArmoryCrate and the inoperability of the services. I think it is pertinent that we should make a respective complaint about the inaptitude of the company regarding these tools. Forgive me, fellow developers, but there is mismanagement here and it shows a mile away.

I hope this information is useful to you. Well in my case. I am disenchanted with the brand, other colleagues told me that the Asus high-end was decent and the Semi-High as well. In conjunction with the quality of the materials among others. But I have encountered more problems than medium or even low gamma equipment. I saw someone out there with a computer similar to mine, who has many problems and firmware updates also have many problems.


Hi pragmaticcube,

I have the ROG Maximus IX Code motherboard, ROG Chakram Core, Chakram X, Spatha X mice, ROG Falchion NX and Strix Flare II keyboards and the ROG Delta S Animate headset.

I'm using them all with Armoury Crate and I'm currently not having any issues.

I get everything I need from the ASUS Support Center, there is nothing I need at the microsoft store. The programs at the microsoft store look like older programs, these older programs can be useful if you have older hardware that is not supported by Armoury Crate.

What specific problems are you having, a list of your hardware and some screenshots can be helpful.

Here is Armoury Crate fully updated with all my devices, click the pic to make it bigger.


I agree with you, pragmaticcube. It can be easily seen that similar problems rise over and over again through the years with every Armoury Crate/Aura Creator update.
If things are always the same and so misterious to be solved, then release the older versions devs!
Honestly, reinstalling windows to solve a software error shouldn't even be a option. I don't want to reinstall my whole system every N months because the lights' controller is doomed.

Also, I've just installed this "
AURA Lighting Control >
" from the links above, clearly a very old version of the software and Armoury finally detected my board! Aura Creator didn't, but I was able to control the lights for a while with the OLD Aura Sync soft.
I removed Armoury Crate to avoid incompatibility and lost control again. But I'll keep trying something with these old links.

Also, I have a copy of my system from months ago with Armoury Crate 4.x.something that still works, if anyone knows a way to copy that to the new system... I would appreciate.