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Aura Sync "out-of-sync"

Level 9

I have an NZXT H7 Flow RGB case and internally an RGB lian Li power cable strip, and RGB Kingston Fury RAM.

I'm not sure if it's due to the RAM but the case fans at the front and the Lian Li strip are perfectly sync'd in colour - but the RAM isn't -it's a different darker shade of whatever static colour I set in Aura Sync.

Just a bit annoying more than anything.I couldn't actually find any other decent manufacturer makes of RAM as an alternative.

Also, on occasions the left side RAM stick will not conform to the static colour set in Aura Sync, and will go yellow or green when the rest of the RGB is say, set to blue.

A restart of the PC fixes this, but still, it's another annoyance. Again, looks like this make of RAM has issues. I don't actually think I have particularly 'faulty' RAM.