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Aura Sync problems

Level 9

ASUS ROG X-570 Gaming -E 

AMD 3900 X all core 4,3GHz

DDR-4 GSkill 2 x 32 3600MHz Overclocked Ram (The box lists the RAM's speed at 2,666 MHz)


Samsung M.2 980 Pro 2 TB

Samsung M.2 970 1 TB EVO

Samsung 850 EVO X 2

Seagate 4 TB X 3

850 Power Supply

AIO H110i

So I have been using Armoury Crate since I got the Motherboard. At the beginning I had some minor problems that were fixed with some updates by ASUS. Back then I still had the NVidia 1050 Ti OC. Last year I bought the ASUS ROG STRIX 3070 Ti OC and Trying to sync the lighting effects was annoying. After a few months of me getting in every day to resync it, it stayed on my favorite lighting effect. Since the last update I did a few a month or so ago, I noticed that when I boot my PC it has the color scheme and lighting effects that I want, but when it logs in Windows, the graphics card, goes to a color cycle mode. In the Armoury Crate Sync Lighting Effects, Aura Sync is selected. But even though all devices with RGB are following Aura Sync, the Graphics Card is not. I have reinstalled, something that is not going to happen again as ASUS installations with Armoury Crate take a Century to complete. I believe that if there was a save settings button, everything would work fine. But there isn't any.  There are two ways to fix this but I have to do it every time I restart my PC.  One is to go in Aura Sync Menu and uncheck the Graphics Card and immediately check it. The 2nd way is to go in Aura Sync Menu and click on the Set Device Lighting  that only appears in Graphics Card Box. When the next window opens, I click on Aura Sync that is already highlighted and that works too. Pretty annoying. I hope ASUS fixes this because it isn't a 3rd party card. Motherboard & Graphic Card is ROG. 


Level 9

I have the same problem with my gpu, but also the ram colors stop moving after some time. Does it happen to you too?

Thanks for the reply. No, my RAM follows my settings as everything else does. Did you test your RAM in another system to see if the problem is still there?

I don't have another system to test it, but there are some other people on this forum that reported a similar, if not identhical problem to mine. So it's probably correlated, what type of ram do you have?

At the top I have my PC build but the RAM is not 3600 MHz from box. It is Overclocked. I have two DDR-4  32 GB (64GB Total) G.SkillZ Trident RGB that are listed at 2666 MHz in their box.  I don't remember the exact model. I will have to go in the attic and get the boxes to exact model. If you need that, I can do it but give me a couple of days to go through my stuff up there...LOL

So you have my same RAM model, except for the clock speed (which I don't think matters that much). I also have an asus motherboard. If yours don't freeze then i'm at a loss, especially because every time I tested the only times where there was no freeze was when Armoury crate was not installed. If the problem isn't just some simple messed up compatibility between Software-->Hardware model, then it might take ASUS more time than expected to fix it, if they'll even bother doing that

Level 7

Hello friend, I also have the same problem, I can't sync my RGBS through the ROG z790. I have rgbs cables, fans and the water cooler… the only thing that stays in sync is my memories…

I connected everything to a USB hub, from nzxt, remembering that my rgbs fans are from Nzxt

Has anyone experienced this or found a solution?

I seriously believe it is an Armoury Crate issue. Even the Aura Creator doesn't work. The fact that I am trying to make and ASUS ROG STRIX GPU work with a ROG Motherboard in sync with the AURA SYNC feature is itself unacceptable. The extra money I paid to have the ROG card instead of the NVidia was a waste of my money. ASUS should make sure when you purchase anything that says ROG that it works flawlessly with another ROG device. My RAM works Flawlessly. Just my GPU. Today I noticed that when I started the PC, the color scheme was correct but when it finished loading windows, the GPU light went off. I had to open Armoury Crate, uncheck the GPU and immediately re-check it and it is fine.  The ASUS reCAPTCHA is ridiculous as well and very annoying.

Level 9

It seems to definitely be an Aura Sync problem. Sometimes when I start the computer, it remembers the settings...But most of the times it just goes to default even though I have the Starry Night setting in the Graphics card itself. What boggles me even more is that ASUS hasn't done anything about this. I am sure if their developers put a "SAVE SETTINGS" it would work perfectly fine...

Level 7

I got the same problem with my 3080 Ti, and like you said, an update screwed everything up. Also I saw another guy saying that he's facing problems with his RAM and my brother is too, the same thing, while the pc is turning on everything looks synchronized but when it gets into the system the ram (in our case the gpu) change the light pattern. Hopefully they will fix this.