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Aura Sync Issues with Devices Turned Off or Sleep

Level 8

Early this month I built up my gaming PC and chose lots of harware from Asus TUF and ROG brands. My last piece of this round of building is a ROG Azoth keyboard, and it's cool to control all of them in Armoury Crate the single software, especially the Aura sync lighting.

But I noticed an issue that when my keyboard sleeps or monitor turned off, the Aura sync lights will go wrong:

- Setting ROG Azoth keyboard to sleep after 5min. When it sleeps, the lighjts in PC (fans, motherboard, GPU) will go stuck (freezing) for several seconds, then go off black, then back on work. And when I actiavate the keyboard by pressing any key, the process will repeat: lightings go stuck->black->resume

- I am also using ROG PG27UQR monitor and set it to Aura sync, and I tried to turn it off and the Aura sync lightings will go the same process: stuck->black->resume

I think recently the only related action was the Armoury Crate softward been auto-uypdate to V in Microsoft Store, no more.

And I also tried uninstall the Armoury Crate by using the official tool, re-install it, problem remians there.

It looks like the Aura sync process is detecting what devices is sleep/off/activate, and restart the syncing again. I am confused, is it even expected behavior because I never paid attnetion to it before.

Experts, please help me on this, I really appreciated it and would love to provide more details if needed.


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hey, can you record a log and PM me? (upload to your cloud storage then provide a link to the file)

FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

Hey, just sent it via PM to you, thanks!

We have replicated the issue and are working on a solution. Thanks for reporting it!

FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

Hey MasterC, I saw you officially started collecting issues for V, I assume I don't need to submit this issue in the google form again right?  (would love to if needed) Thanks!

Level 8

Two weeks ago, I did some update inside Armoury Crate and ever since none of the ARGB lights on my case fans or ARGB lights on my CPU fans work when I turn on my pc. 

I have to turn on pc, login, open Windows 11 Settings, find Armoury Crate in the installed apps, and click the 3 dots. 

There is an option for advanced options. I have to click that and then click repair, reset and terminate. 

If I only click repair, it does not work. Clicking reset and terminate. Nope. Does not work.

It only works when I click repair, reset, terminate and then I have to completely shut down my pc.

After I shut down and power back up, all the lighting in my system works again. 

It is super frustrating because it worked flawlessly for 9 months and then one update 2 weeks ago screwed everything up!!!! 

You might be able to try this method. 

I have not tried to clear cache inside Armoury Crate. I am debating trying at this point. Anything easier then what i have to do above would be better. 

Hope the fix comes out soon.

Hey thanks for the reply, do you mean just proceed once of "repair, reset, terminate, power down and back on", everything will back to normal?

Yes. However, you will have to do it again the next morning if you turn your pc off overnight. 

I have been doing this for 10 days now. 😞

Sad, I will not try then, the issue you encoutered about RGB lights is more fraustrating than mine. Let's wait for the next release with fix then.

Level 7

Dear Asus,

Can you please update us on the status of this fix? Relatively minor problem but kinda annoying to deal with it and not know when it should be patched.