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Aura Sync doesn't detect Gigabyte 4090 GPU

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Hey all,

I have a new PC build that I've been running off of the iGPU the last two weeks while I was tuning things (so fresh Windows 11 install too). I've had Armory Crate installed during that time and it has been controlling my other RGB components fine. Today I finally installed my Gigabyte RTX 4090 and unfortunately the device doesn't show up in Aura Sync, so the RGB on the card remains a rainbow.

Is this card just not supported, or not supported yet? Or is this a bug that has a work-around?

Note: I have not installed or tried Aura Creator. I did have it installed previously, but I uninstalled Armory Create using the uninstall tool and then re-installed it without Aura Creator. This was all before I installed the GPU.


Unfortunately, Gigabyte GPUs do not support Aura Sync.

You'll probably have to use Gigabyte's RGB software for the GPU

Oh, ok, I see. I thought we're not supposed to use more than 1 kind of RGB software, though, due to potential conflict?

Community Admin
Community Admin
It is usually best not to have multiple applications to control the lighting. For which of our devices are you using Armoury Crate for? Any issues pertaining to those devices?
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Armory Crate Aura Sync is controlling my DIMMs, case and fan lights, as well as the motherboard itself. I tried Aura Creator but it did not see my DIMMs, so that was a disappointment.

I went ahead and installed the Gigabyte software and it actually feels fairly lightweight and is controlling the GPU nicely. It didn't detect or try to control anything else, I think it's aimed just at the video card, which is nice.

So problem resolved.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Good to hear
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