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Aura Sync Bug in Armoury Crate v5.7.3.0 Affecting ROG Chakram Mouse Profiles

Level 7

Hello ASUS Community,

I've encountered an issue with the current v5.7.3.0 version of Armoury Crate arising when I enable Aura Sync, which affects my device configurations connected to my scenario profiles. I'm using a ROG Strix Scar III laptop with a ROG Chakram mouse.

I've defined three different profiles for my ROG Chakram mouse, each linked to three corresponding scenario profiles. For instance, when I select scenario profile #1, the associated mouse profile #1 is supposed to be activated, and so on.

With Aura Sync turned off, everything works as expected. When I start an application linked to a specific scenario profile, the corresponding mouse profile is correctly applied. However, when I turn on Aura Sync to synchronize the lighting effects, a problem occurs.

Regardless of which scenario profile I activate after turning on Aura Sync, the mouse profile that activates is always the last one I manually selected on the Device/ROG Chakram page. This means that if I visit mouse profile #1 on the Device/ROG Chakram page, then turn on Aura Sync, and subsequently start an application linked to scenario profile #2 or #3, the active mouse profile remains stuck on #1. This situation prevents me from accessing the specific button and DPI settings I've configured for the applications under profiles #2 and #3.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions from the community on how to address this issue or potential workarounds.

Best regards