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Aura controlling multiple items seperately.

Level 8
Sorry if this question has been asked already.

Can Aura be used to control multiple items independently?

My setup.

ROG Maximus XI Hero
ROG Strix 3080 ti OC.
Corsair H115i Pro
Phantec Enthoo Primo .

my MB is currently set in Aura to CPU load.
my Corsair is set to CPU temp using iCue (would like this to be under Aura)
my GFX is sync'd to my Motherboard (would like this GPU Temp)
my case will have RGB fans which I can run on the RGB headers on the motherboard and I was thinking maybe GPU Load?.

Is this at all possible?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Level 13
I cant speak for aura as I dont use it. Ique can control all of it with the exception of MOBO addressable headers. As for AURA controlling anything corsair, not gonna happen but Ique does have an asus plug in where everything you just asked for can be controlled independently through Ique.