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Asus TUF F15 fans & keyboard backlight turn off after sleep mode

Level 8

So I bought this laptop a few weeks ago, I noticed this bug/issue triggering three times until now
After the laptop goes out of sleep mode / or when screen is off for a while then turned on
sometimes the keyboard backlight stays off, and fans are also completely off 0 RPM / 0 dBA
until I restart the system everything goes back to normal.
(I have posted it on TUF board, but I expect it to be a software problem (hopefully))


Level 8

This is apparently an Armoury Crate problem after a particular version of its update back in March. There's at least one other model lines--the M15 GU502xx with this very problem.  The latest update of Armoury Crate app version has not fixed this problem.

But there's a workaround:

Solved: Re: Keyboard Backlight Turns Off after Exiting Sle... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 919494 (a...


Great, cycling between modes using fn+arrow keys haven't worked for me, I'll try to change the setting in Aura Effect to something other than Static, thanks.
Also, is it possible to rollback to an older version until they fix it or something ?

Aura creator shows "no devices available" fp

I also have the same issue on my Asus TUF F15 506HC, whenever my display goes off or when I put it on sleep mode the backlit goes off and I can't get it back on using the arrow keys unless I restart the system. I tried resolving by contacting asus through the Myasus app and it turned out they were useless as they've gave me the generic solution of ''turn it off and back on'' so that was pointless. This problem happened around March as the guy on this thread has mentioned and the recent armory crate update which I think was 3 months or so ago didn't fix this issue.

the only solution I could use is to set the keyboard to breathing mode "or any mode other than static"

Level 7

Same issue with me I have i711600h rtx3050.  Quite annoying issue.

Level 7

ASUS - keyboard lights are not a "nice to have" feature for me.  I need the lights so I can see the keys in dark places.  This bug has been in your software for MONTHS.  Can you fix it or not?  I purchased this laptop and expect the lights to work.