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asus rtx 3070 dual not detected in armory crate

Level 7

Just bought off ebay an Asus RTX 3070 Dual , I have installed Armory Crate and the software doesn't even see it..But, guess what, it detects my Hyper X Ram as Asus Dram. Not to mention that even my Icue doesn't see it... This is unacceptable on you part, on Corsair part and on Nvidia part... You are all claiming that your devices are compatible with each other in regards to LED lighting but they are not and nobody (not you Asus, not Corsair and not Nvidia) does anything. I call this fraudulent behavior... When you advertise that you can control the LED lighting thru your apps and they can't it's just a plain lie. I am going to send the same letter to Corsair and, eventually, Nvidia...This is  an appalling behavior for Company like yours. You should not claim something and then drop the ball when it comes to Customer Support.

I am not happy at all..

I will not buy another Asus Product from now on.