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Asus rog z790 extreme motherboard M.2 OLED not working at all

Level 9

I just got the new ASUS ROG Z790 Maximus Extreme motherboard But the m.2 OLED screen is not working at all

Is there any cable or connector need to be connected somewhere or mine is broken ???

I tried to change the setting in armory crate from information to an animator but nothing happen
just black OLED

anyone can help ?

Level 7

Did you end up finding a fix for it.

Im experiecing the same issue.

i got mine replaced  

What and how was that replaced?  Meaning, did they replace the entire OLED display including the long cable from the oled display that goes to the motherboard connector?  My wires at the connector for the motherboard broke off and a simple self-repair would be to replace that long cable.

Addendum 11/17/2023, Asus Support is looking into this. I received thus far three (3) emails stating this and still no resolve.
I know from others that this display is used on other old and new motherboards.

It would be nice to see a fourth (4) ASUS Support email with shipping details and tracking as I'm getting a little depressed looking at all my ROG Flagship case and other parts dark and idle every day.  Keeping fingers crossed some good news will arrive soon.

End of update.

Addendum 11/27/2023:  After 7 emails from ASUS support I received  the below feedback ND TEY ASKED FOR MY ADDRESS, WHICH i PROVIDED. I am still waiting to hear if they are shipping or have shipped a replacement cable or not.
"  Thank you for contacting ASUS Product Support.  

My name is R***** N., and it's my pleasure to assist you! Thank you for contacting us with your concerns. We value you as a customer and your satisfaction is important to us! Here is the part number 14011-02491400 of  display cable for M.2 cooling block.

Please confirm the following information so that we may request it from our facility." 
They asked me to provide my contact address etc. which I provided.   C'mon ASUS... 

End of update. (did reach out asking if when they will ship the cable) *PENDING*. 


Connector OLED Display cable to MotherboardConnector OLED Display cable to MotherboardOLED Display cable connector wires broken off.OLED Display cable connector wires broken off.


I bought my motherboard from Newegg so I contacted theme and return the motherboard and got my money back and bought another one from another vendor