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Asus RoG X670e Crosshair Hero. Faulty unresponsive RGB. Should I RMA because of RGB?

Level 8

I bought the motherboard in October. Since day one I have had issues with the RGB and armoury crate. It started with the lighting working fine and motherboard was detected in Armoury crate until I launched a game. When gaming the RGB would crash. All settings and animation would freeze and lock up and the motherboard would disappear from armoury crate. It progressed to RGB freezing at boot. Motherboard doesn't appear in Armoury crate at all. I am at my wits end with it. I have tried every suggestion online. Uninstalled, reinstalled Armoury Crate. Used revo uninstaller. Installed old aura sync. I have even gone nuclear and wiped everything and clean installed Windows. I tried to turn off rgb in bios in an effort to ignore it. It doesn't follow bios settings. I even removed 2 dimms because Ive read Am5 doesn't like more than 2. So... I spent $700 on this board. Would you and should I Rma it over RGB? Everything else is great performance is excellent. PC is phenomenal except for stupid lights. Seems dumb to rma for lights. Thoughts?