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Asus Rog Stris SCAR 17 SE G733CX - G733CW FAN SPEED CAPPED

Level 9
Hey guys, I'm making this thread to report a problem that's been affecting almost every ASUS gaming laptop since last year.

I have the G733CX model i9 12950HX and 3080 ti. When I first purchased the laptop about 5 months ago, I had an older ARMOURY CRATE version where the fans speed was like 10-15% higher than the actual ones I get with the current version, I remember that version had a different interface where the gpu mode was showing mshybrid and discrete mode.

Currently, If I use the manual mode and set both fans to 100%, the cpu max rpm is 6000 and the gpu is 5800, fun thing is that if use the MyAsus app one click diagnosis, the fans go to 6500rpm and 6600rpm respectively, which makes NO SENSE. Also, turbo mode is just unusable for gaming since rpm speeds are way too low (4500-4600rpm) at full load.

I tried all 3 different bios 306, 310 and the most recent one 313 and there's no fix, so I believe that the problem might be the armoury crate, which btw I noticed that fan acoustics dbA are a lot higher than in the olders version.

Look at these screenshots so you guys can compare if you have a similar laptop model.




Sad thing is that I tried to report this in all ways and haven't got a solution in almost 2 months, there even was an "escalated" ticket to some support team that never replied back. I will probably never purchase another ASUS product in my life, customer support is terrible and inexistent.