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Asus Framework Service error while updating

Level 7
Hi, I have searched here in the forums and on google, how to uninstall the Asus Framework Service, Armoury Crate wants to update it, but it errors out every time.

When I try to manually uninstall it from Programs & Features, I get a File not found error.

I have tried all the steps on the Armoury Crate troubleshooting guide, including uninstalling crate and doing it from scratch... the only other option I have is to reinstall windows and that is where I draw the line.

Why is there NO information on how to fix the Framework Service Issue? a global uninstaller or something like it?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

System: Asus ROG Strix Scar II Laptop GL704GW


Level 7
Hey i'm having the same issue kinda.., i recently updated to Win11. but i made some registry changes that werent working out, didn't back it up and had to use Asus Recovery to get back to Win 10. updated Windows, updated Asus, rebooted many times. Then after everything was finished, i was having the problem of armoury crate wanting to update asus framework service, but after the restart it wouldn't not be installed. so i used the armoury crate uninstall tool found here [HTML][/HTML] You need to scroll down just a bit a click show all or expand all and the uninstall tool should be the second option. Make sure you also download the first option as well, because you'll need the install tool after the uninstall finishes and your reboot your computer. that fixed my framework service from needing updated.. and it should install armoury crate which mine did, which is the latest version.., but i'm getting a update for version which i believe is an older version.. i think.. so i'm kinda in a pickle myself.. but i hope i helped.. also you can use the website as well to help uninstall manually [HTML][/HTML]

if anybody knows anything about why my armoury crate is wanting to update to an older version any help would be apperciated.. unless that version is newer than my current and im just stupid..;)

P.S. You must uninstall both armoury crate and aurora creator..