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ASUS do us a favour and just mothball Armoury Crate.

Level 7
I love ASUS hardware. I currently have a ASUS Strix Gaming motherboard and G Sync compatible monitor and both are excellent. There hardware is second to none but there software is another story, especially Armoury Crate. Being as blunt as I can it is the biggest pile of steaming dog 5hit around. It is absolutely riddled with bugs and problems. Once you install it you can't uninstall it or you will never get it to work again if you try to reinstall it unless you reinstall windows. Why the hell would you want to run AURA software that gobbles up cpu resources when you could use it for playing games or other tasks. It's meant to keep your motherboard drivers and BIOS up to date but most of the time it only lists old drivers and BIOS versions. ASUS is it not about time you just admit defeat and mothball this dog turd and put everyone out of there misery as this abortion of a software program only damages your reputation. If you are going to insist in carrying on with it then why not remove it from public use until it is fixed correctly instead of trying to patch it up as you go.

Level 16
LOL! I hear ya ROG brother! 😄

I got the latest version of Armory Crate working really well with my Maximus XIII Apex, but yea - since April when the motherboard was new AC 1st worked fine, then broke badly, then worked again, then broke again. lolol

I also LOVE ASUS hardware, on my SIXTH motherboard since 2012 and the wonderful Maximus V Extreme, that started it all for me. 🙂

My humble opinion on Armory Crate:

1) Way too many responsibilities for a single application
2) I only really use the AURA lighting function really, but other components of the application are pretty cool
3) I do believe AC is a "revenue maker" for ASUS and I wish there was a "LIGHT" version for those of us running WORK computers

Anyway, love my M13A so much it does EVERYTHING and so much more, I've had the greatest experience with Rocket Lake since 1st beginning this hobby in 2012 and looking forward to the ROG Z790 Apex and Raptor Lake next year - that motherboard is an INSTABUY for me 🙂

Think I'll get the 8core CPU next gen 13900K running 5.5Ghz stock boost and simply use the Z790 Apex for ultimate DDR5 overclocking...

Please give us an Armory Crate "LIGHT" 😛
Z790 Epiphenomenal Raptor Bench

ROG Z790 Apex / Intel 13900KS SP111 P121 E93 MC83
Gskill 8000 kit - TM5 stable at 8200MT/s 38 48 48 121 VDD and VDDQ 1.5v
WD_Black SN850X 1TB 7300MB/s Reads 6300MB/s Writes
LG 32in 4K IPS 32UP83A-W

Level 8
i have rog maximus x1 hero z390 mb + tuf 3080 rtx gpu.
its over a year that i cant get both hardware working on the same software for rgb control.
old asus aura driver detect my mb rgb but not the gpu.
as soon i install ac my mb cant be detected and only gpu.
this is nightmare, iive got only 2 hardware and i cant get it work.
im tired and have gave up now,.
i wish asus would have asked corsair to do the rgb for there hardware.
i have mention this many time to asus and on this forum but no one can help and everyone got problem.

Level 7
ASUS software in general is just an absolute mess. Tried to install AC 3 times now. Each time it didn't work and each time it broke widgets on Win 11 and had to do an repair upgrade to fix it. RAM Cache III is good if you want to break your system files. Every time I have installed it, it has corrupted the Windows system files and last time it managed to corrupt my M2 SSD which thankfully I was able to repair with a check error scan.

Level 13
I dont use it personally. It was a wreck from first inception when it was just plain old aura then to build off of something that never worked to expand it into more things that dont work is an act of lunacy.